People-oriented management strategy

HR management is key to SOKA's success.
SOKA places employees at the core of its company strategy and aims to constantly offer more value to its customers and improve its quality of service.

A human resources approach based on employee involvement. 

SOKA's HR strategy is based on flexibility and competitiveness, such as increasing employee involvement, talent attraction, and a lean-management approach.

SOKA has recruited more than 20 employees since 2015. In 2019, the team consists of 140 employees: 70 in France and 70 in Ukraine. In Brittany (France), SOKA’s business activities generate around 100 jobs in the local supply chain: transport, logistics, subcontractors, and temporary work, etc.

Training-and mentoring-based HR policy

SOKA's corporate culture is based on wellbeing in the workplace: attentiveness, integration, training, skills development, career development and fair pay. 
This approach has proven to be successful as the teams are well balanced and all employees share the same team spirit: efficiency, quality and customer centricity.

  • New employees are assigned a mentor during their training period.
  • A professional training program is available for all employees to develop their skills throughout their careers.
  • SOKA encourages its employees to take initiatives and frequently report to the management team to further the Company’s development.
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