High-performance logistics
for optimised international deliveries

Your kaolin supply via sea, road, or rail freight

A large percentage of SOKA's turnover is generated by international export. Different transport modes are analysed to optimise costs and delivery times. Packaging is adapted to products and upon request. In 2019, SOKA's customised organisation was improved by two new logistics warehouses: one in Quessoy (France), and the other in Nikolaïev Port (Ukraine).
SOKA kaolins are supplied in bulk, either in big-bags or 25kg bags, and the packaging may be customised upon request.

Your sea deliveries by container

In Quessoy (France), 20- and 40-feet containers are filled on site, with bulk, bags or big bags, and are then shipped from trading ports in north-west France. In Kazatin (Ukraine) containers are filled with bags, or big-bags, of kaolin which then transit by train or lorry to the trading port.

Your sea deliveries by cargo ship

SOKA runs a large logistics hub in Légué Port, 19kms from the plant. Shiploads of kaolin, in bulk or in big-bags, are transported across the world from this NAABSA (Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground) dry harbour. 

A unique kaolin loading system

The maritime loading dock in Légué Port is fully automated and can load cargo ships with full, or combined, bulk kaolins at a rate of 300 tons/hour.
A vast, on-site storage facility optimises logistics and flow management.  

Your deliveries by road

We organise Europe-wide truck deliveries from our sites in Quessoy (France) and Ukraine. Conditioned kaolin is loaded onto tautliner trucks, by full truckloads or groupage. Bulk kaolin is transported by tipper trucks or tankers. The vehicles are automatically checked before loading, to avoid products being polluted.

Your deliveries by rail in Ukraine

SOKA kaolins are transported by rail from the Kazatin factory in Ukraine, in wagons or containers depending on volumes and destination. The goods are stored at the logistics hub at Nikolaïev Port for sea freight, and are delivered at the train station or to your site upon request. 

SOKA is a member of the French Freight Transport Users' Association (AUTF)

Freight and logistics are strategic challenges for SOKA in terms of quality service, responsiveness and competitiveness.
Being an AUTF member means that we stay informed, and advised, about regulatory, legal and customs issues in this rapidly evolving sector.



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