Customised technical formulation support

SOKA's R&D team: technical expertise for your industrial targets

Constant investments for increasingly adapted solutions
SOKA works in project mode and constantly improves its tools and work methods to offer you new products and applications which are adapted to your objectives. SOKA invests €1M in R&D every year. Some of SOKA's products are regulated on an application-specific basis, and others have been granted a Marketing Authorization (MA) and governmental registration as plant-protection biocontrol products. 
We have transformed our Information Systems (IS), implemented Sage Industrie, and a new logistics hub in Quessoy (France) to guarantee improved quality and responsiveness for our customers. 

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Specific R&D programs

SOKA's engineers and sales teams understand your industrial needs and production issues. Our labs develop partnerships with research centres, schools and universities to meet your current and future needs and strive for the same level of quality in France and Ukraine.
Our crop protection products are assessed in line with strict European regulations and protocols to ensure their efficiency on targeted insects.


Customised production support

Specific formulations are developed to meet your specifications in SOKA's labs. Our engineers implement the formulations at your production sites, subject to a confidentiality agreement. SOKA provides concrete technical assistance which facilitates change and helps you to meet your technical and economic objectives. We also provide advice as to which industrial procedures are needed to use our products.


Technical support for new product formulation

SOKA's R&D means that our kaolin extraction and processing procedures are adapted to obtain the properties you need. We work with you to establish the right formulation for the quality of your product, in a constant quest for improvement.


Lab monitoring throughout the product cycle

Guaranteed SOKA traceability
Samples are taken, tested and stored at each stage of the SOKA kaolin production cycle: extraction, washing, filtering, drying, grinding and calcination. This monitoring system guarantees that our products adhere to current standards and also tracks your batches, which are all numbered. 

All extraction zones have been digitally mapped since 1999. Animal feed products are automatically tested in conformity with the HACCP prevention plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
as part of the FAMI-QS guidelines.

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