SOKA: international kaolin and mineral filler specialist

SOKA's long-standing experience

Kaolin, a phyllosilicate group refractory clay, takes its name from Gao-Ling in China, where it was discovered.
SOKA has been mining kaolin for almost 70 years in Quessoy (France). SOKA kaolins are renowned for their quality and the Company is reputed for its technical expertise and know-how.
Kaolin is a mineral which is generally used to manufacture ceramics, earthenware, engobes and glazes. Kaolin is mostly made up of kaolinite and its numerous properties - whiteness, plasticity, viscosity, resistance, setting time and opacity - make it the preferred material for industrial mineral and functional filler processes. Kaolin is used mainly in building materials, polymers, livestock farming and crop protection. 

SOKA's exclusive expertise - for a customised offer

SOKA kaolins are used in many business activities and more than 500 industries. We select the extraction points and adapt our formulations to your uses and end products. Our research complies with your specifications and we help you to implement customised solutions. 
Our experience with kaolin and its by-products enables us to meet specific needs. Our ongoing, technological benchmarking develops increasingly innovative technological processes which adhere to current legislation.

Sustainable ressources and controlled production

SOKA's open mineral deposits spread over 300 hectares in France and 20 hectares in Ukraine. The mineral deposits are still only partially exploited and contain more than 100 years of reserves.
Continuous drilling programmes, geophysical studies and computer modelling contribute to the permanent renewal of exploitable areas and ensure the sustainability of resources. SOKA is committed to the energy transition and the Company's eco-development policy is applied at each production level.

A dedicated team - at your service

SOKA's teams all share the same corporate culture of ensuring excellent customer experience. At SOKA, we aim to work alongside, and listen to, the customer to anticipate needs and market developments. SOKA's manageable size - 140 employees in 2019, equally divided between France and Ukraine - means that it focuses on being attentive and responsive to customers. The Company's management approach fosters fast decision making and flexible customer services. This in turn encourages long-term customer partnerships to be established and proves SOKA's constant quest for improvement.


Technological and legislative benchmarking are vital to staying at the forefront of innovative mineral extraction, processing and industrial applications. 
SOKA is an active member of a range of interprofessional bodies on a regional, national and international level, including:


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